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Extremely robust, the AP180 is a print-apply systems especially designed for pallet labeling, allowing the application of labels of sizes up to 170mmx230mm (A5), in three sides of the same pallet, thanks to its 3-axis arm with vacuum system. The arm can move laterally and forward and the tamp can perform 180º-rotations.

Main Features


This is one of the few print-apply systems that allows the application of labels in 3 sides of the same pallet (needs pallet stoppage). You can program to the finest detail every movement of each one of the three cycles. The AP180 system can apply in 3 sides of the same pallet thanks to a special actuator which is powered by stepper motors. The AP180 is structured as a box-shaped frame made of aluminium profiles, covered by stainless steel panels on all sides except the transparent side door. A5 format labels in portrait orientation (EAN128 standard), can be applied either at short distance through air blow or by direct contact of the application plate onto the product surface. The AP180 can apply two labels (e.g. front and side) during one pallet stop using only one trigger. The AP180 systems have the following features:

  • Compatible with a wide range of printer-modules from prestigious makers such as Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato® and Avery®
  • Accepts labels with maximum size of 160x210mm and minimum size of 50x50mm
  • Accuracy of placement with deviations of less than +/-2mm (when there is palet stoppage)
  • Application rates of 90 pallets per hour with 3-side labeling or more than 120 pallets per hour with 2-side labeling
  • Large set of I/O signals available for an easy integration in production lines
  • LH/RH versions (left-/right-hand)
  • Many options to choose from, such as alarm lamps, proximity sensors installed at the tamp, stands, readers for barcode verification and many others
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AP180 Documentation


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