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Compactline 3.0 MK2

The MK2 generation was improved to be compatible with the three printing technologies. This system is ideal to control several printheads at the same time. What separates this system from the X4JET Plus is its enormous VGA touchscreen. With it, it was never so easy to create the texts in the controller unit itself in just a few minutes. Because you can even connect a keyboard and mouse on the USB ports, the text creation couldn't be more comfortable.

Main Features

Compactline 3.0

Very appellative and easy to use, in this powerful system you can connect multiple printheads at the same time. The printheads can be grouped together to reach higher print heights or used separately, as the controller can manage different production lines or print in two sides of the same product. It is possible to send different texts to each individual production line, each one with a corresponding set of printing parameters, thus you can have different print directions, resolutions, speeds, among other settings. Furthermore, you can connect printheads no matter what the printing technology chosen. The Compactline 3.0 systems have the following features:

  • Printing technology: HP®, Funai®, Trident® or Xaar®
  • Number of printheads: 4 or 8
  • Can control up to 2 or 4 independent production lines
  • Max print speed: up to 400m/min (when using HP® or Funai®)
  • 15" VGA touchscreen
  • PC-based with Windows® Operative System
  • Ports: USB, Ethernet, RS232, I/Os
  • On the 4 head model: 2xEncoder, 4xExternal Photocell, 4xAlarm Lamp
  • On the 8 head model: 4xEncoder, 8xExternal Photocell, 8xAlarm Lamp
  • Works with any font
  • IP40 Class
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Model: Compactline 4 heads

Compactline 4 heads

Version of the controller that supports up to 4 printheads, that, when combined, can reach print heights of 50mm (4xHP® or 4xFunai®), 284mm (4xXaar®) or 400mm (4xTrident®). Capable of controlling up to 2 independent production lines.

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Model: Compactline 8 heads

Compactline 8 heads

Version of the controller that supports up to 8 printheads, that, when combined, can reach print heights of 100mm (8xHP® or 8xFunai®), 568mm (8xXaar®) or 800mm (8xTrident®). Capable of controlling up to 4 independent production lines.

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Popular Options


Do not forget to check the extras that you would like to install. The most popular options for these systems are:

  • Many variations of printheads for HP®, Funai®, Trident® or Xaar® with or without flexbracket (movable printhead that slightly pulls back in case of contact with the product)
  • Mounting bracket for controller and side or top mounting brackets for printheads
  • Encoder to synchronize speed with the production line (recommended when printing barcodes or production line has variable speed)
  • 3-colored alarm lamp
  • Photocells
  • And more...
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Compactline 3.0 Documentation


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The specifications shown on this page may vary depending on the versions/models of the systems and may contain errors and/or may be subject to future changes. Double check these specs with the ones available on the respective brochures/technical sheets and always mention the critical requirements of your particular application when ordering/inquiring for prices.

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