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Legi-Air 4020

Combining one sturdy chassis together with one unwinder, one rewinder, an application tamp and the economic Sato® printer module, we get an extremely low-cost, functional and handy system. It is the Legi-Air 4020, an entry-level model that is even cheaper than some desktop thermal-transfer printers.

Main Features

Legi-Air 4020

Do not be fooled by the system's low price. This system is not that far behind when compared to the more expensive print-apply models, preforming almost every task that the others do, with the same efficiency. The LA 4020 systems have the following features:

  • With a Sato LT 408 203dpi printer-module
  • Two application methods to choose from: Linear Tamp Blow or with 90º/180º rotation
  • Tamps with different stroke lengths and tamp pads specially adapted to fit your label size
  • With an outstanding accuracy, there really are no label misplacements (error of +/-1.4mm)
  • Extremely fast (max conveyor speed and application rates depend on things such as printing speed of the printer-module, label size and applicator model)
  • Large set of I/O signals available for an easy integration in production lines
  • LH/RH versions (left-/right-hand)
  • Many options to choose from, such as alarm lamps, proximity sensors installed at the tamp, stands, and many others
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