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Legi-Air 4050

These modular systems permit the installation of different applicators, resulting on the existence of many models and a lot of possible combinations. That being the case, there are other variations and applications methods besides the ones listed below, with the possibility of building fully customized systems especially to your needs. Besides the ones listed, there are special tamp systems to, for example, frontal/rear application (see photo 29) or even special applicators to apply labels inside tubes.

Main Features

Legi-Air 4050

LA 4050 systems have the following features:

  • Compatible with a wide range of printer-modules from prestigious makers such as Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato® and Avery®
  • Different application methods to choose from
  • Tamps with different stroke lengths and tamp pads specially adapted to fit your label size
  • With an outstanding accuracy, there really are no label misplacements (error of +/-0.8mm)
  • Extremely fast (max conveyor speed and application rates depend on things such as printing speed of the printer-module, label size and applicator model)
  • Large set of I/O signals available for an easy integration in production lines
  • LH/RH versions (left-/right-hand)
  • Many options to choose from, such as alarm lamps, proximity sensors installed at the tamp, stands, and many others
  • RFID Ready, you just need to choose an RFID printer module
  • Dual compressed air supply option (system name gains a "D", for example, 4050D, 4050ED...)
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Model: 4050S

Legi-Air 4050S

The "S" means Standard. This 4050 is equipped with a tamp for the classic Tamp-Blow method, in which the label is blown onto the product without any contact with it. Optionally, if contact is needed (Tamp-On), it can be equipped with a spring tamp. There can also be an optionally photocell installed on the tamp pad to apply labels onto products with variable heights. There are several stroke lengths for the tamp.

  • Applicator: Tamp-Blow
  • Applicator: Air-Blow (by disabling tamp movement)
  • Applicator: Tamp-On (option)
  • Applicator: Swing-Tamp (option)
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Model: 4050E

Legi-Air 4050E

The "E" stands for Enhanced, i.e., an improved 4050S. It is a version with small enhancements like the special stainless steel cover, the low-label sensor installed by default and it is a system that allows more options, such as, bigger label rolls, longer stroke arms or the high-speed mode.

  • Applicator: Blow-On
  • Applicator: Air-Blow (by disabling tamp movement)
  • Applicator: Tamp-On (option)
  • Applicator: Swing-Tamp (option)
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Model: 4050WO

Legi-Air 4050WO

The "WO" means Wipe On. This 4050 comes equipped with an Avery® DPM printer module with peeler bar for the Wipe On application method, that does not require compressed air. Besides that, the costs of the tamp are cut down.

  • Applicator: Wipe-On (*Note: The picture shown is from a different Wipe On system)
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Model: 4050CWS

Legi-Air 4050CWS

The "CWS" means Corner-Wrap System. This 4050 is a model with a special tamp to apply labels along the edges of the boxes.

  • Applicator: Corner-Wrap
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Model: 4050M

Legi-Air 4050M

The "M" stands for Master Controler. When connected to a LA4050, this controller allows features like storing of labels in its memory so that you can start print-jobs without needing to send them from a computer, sending system alerts via email or SMS, showing the system's status, among other things, thanks to a high-resolution color touchscreen of 5.7 inches or, optionally, 10.4 inches. It can be remotely accessed via RS232/422/485, Ethernet or, optionally, via Profibus or GSM.

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Model: 4050I

Legi-Air 4050I

The 4050I comes guarded inside an industrial cabinet that protects against dust (IP60 protection). Recommended for dusty places, this cabinet is totally closed and there is even an automatic door in the zone of the application tamp that only opens when the systems needs to apply a label onto the product. The big cabinet's doors make the access to the machine really easy, so that you can comfortably exchange the label and ribbon rolls or change the configurations of the controller.

  • Applicator: Tamp-Blow
  • Applicator: Tamp-On (option)
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Model: 4050AC

Legi-Air 4050AC

The 4050AC is different from the other systems because of one particularity: it has a label accumulator. This accumulator can be filled or emptied quickly, always keeping the label roll tension thanks to a white roll the moves up and down as necessary. Thanks to this accumulator, even if there is a small production peak when multiple products come too close to each other in an high-speed conveyor, the 4050AC can immediately respond, because there are no usual delays to print the labels and the Wipe-On eliminates the delays caused by the tamp movements. So, this system is unbeatable when it comes to speed, at least while there are labels in the accumulator. The accumulator refills as soon as the product passage rate starts to slow down. The label quantity that this accumulator can hold depends on the size of your labels.

  • Applicator: Wipe-On
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Model: 4050TWIN

Legi-Air 4050 Tire

The 4050Twin uses a special applicator for cylindrical products, such as tires or barrels. It is electrical and does not require compressed air. The label travels to the applicator's extremity thanks to the cords that pull it and the fans that prevent the labels from falling off. Then the product hits the movable arm that retreats with the product, pressing the label around it by doing so. Like it was not enough to have this innovating applicator already, the 4050Twin uses two inline printer modules Avery® (PEM). Like this, it is possible to print two-colored texts, as one of the printers print the text with a ribbon with a certain color (for example, red) and the second one prints the rest of the text with another color (for example, black). This system was especially created to solve the problem of when products need to be labelled with danger informative labels obeying to the GHS norms.

  • Applicator: Cords (for tires, barrels and cylindrical products)
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Model: 4050P

Legi-Air 4050P

4050 system especially designed with pallet identification in mind. The arm is reinforced and longer.

  • Applicator: Tamp-Blow (Special Arm for Pallets)
  • Applicator: Tamp-On (option)
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Models: 4050PL, 4050PS, 4050P2A and 4050PL2A

Legi-Air 4050PL2A

Pallet system versions of the 4050, to apply labels in 2 or 3 sides of the same pallet, thanks to the employment of special rotating arms.

  • Applicator: Twin-Tamp Pallets (F/L or L/T)
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Legi-Air 4050 Documentation


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LA 4050 Tamp-Blow
The specifications shown on this page may vary depending on the versions/models of the systems and may contain errors and/or may be subject to future changes. Double check these specs with the ones available on the respective brochures/technical sheets and always mention the critical requirements of your particular application when ordering/inquiring for prices.

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