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This is a simplified version of the X4JET Plus controller. To be more economic, it has a reduced interface, where the big colored 5,7" touchscreen is replaced by a nice high-resolution OLED display with icons. For this reason, it is no longer possible to create texts directly on the controller, so a PC is required to create them. Despite that, all the other impressive features of the X4JET Plus controller remain. Perfect for those who need to have four printheads, yet do not wish to spend a lot in a controller. The X4JET is compact and easy to operate. Supports the SmartCart technology, i.e., the controller automatically detects the ink type and ink level inside the cartridges (only with HP® or Funai® printheads).

Main Features


The X4JET is a controller that can control up to 4 printheads, no matter the printing technology chosen. You can use just a SINGLE printhead, a TWIN printhead for double print height, a TRIPLE of even a quadruple printhead (QUADRO). Separating the printheads, you can print in two sides of the same product (2xSINGLE or 2xTWIN) or even use each printhead in two different production lines (2xCHANNEL), using two product sensors and, if necessary, two shaft encoders. In this last scenario, the systems allows you to choose a different text for each printhead and set parameters like print direction, resolution, speed, border distance, zoom, number of repetitions (same text printed several times in the same product) and even activate the upside down print, all set independently for each one of the production lines. The touchscreen allows you to configure all that in a very simple and self-explanatory way. The X4JET have the following features:

  • Printing technology: The same controller supports HP®, Funai®, Trident® and Xaar® printheads
  • Number of printheads: 4
  • Can control up to 2 independent production lines
  • Print height: 50mm (4xHP® or 4xFunai®), 284mm (4xXaar®) or 400mm (4xTrident®)
  • Max print speed: up to 400m/min (depending on the version and printing resolution)
  • OLED display with icons
  • Status LEDs
  • Ports: USB (pen), USB B (for PC connection), Ethernet, RS232 (option), 2xEncoder, 4xExternal Photocell, 4xAlarm Lamp, I/Os.
  • Works with any font
  • Multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish and Finnish)
  • Can be controlled using commands sent by a remote PC
  • IP40 Class
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Versions: X4JET Advanced / Pro

There are 2 version for X4JET. In the Advanced version, the printing top speed is slightly limited and the maximum text length is shorter. It is possible to upgrade to the Pro version at any time. Simply tell us the serial number or the MAC address and we will send you a code to unlock your X4JET. The differences between each version are shown in the table below:

Function/Specification Advanced Pro
Price Excellent Very Good
Horizontal Resolution [dpi] HP: 900
Funai: 900
Trident: 300
Xaar: 360
HP: 900
Funai: 900
Trident: 300
Xaar: 360
Vertical Resolution [dpi] HP: 600
Funai: 600
Trident: 192
Xaar: 180
HP: 600
Funai: 600
Trident: 192
Xaar: 180
Print Speed (at 300 dpi) [m/min] HP: 90
Funai: 90
Trident: 90
HP: 180
Funai: 240
Trident: 90
Print Length (at 300 dpi) [m] 1 3
Text Fields X X
Logo/Image Fields X X
Date and Time X X
Date Offsets (expiration dates) X X
Counters X X
Variables X X
Shift Codes X X
Action Fields (references) X X
Barcodes X X
Barcodes 2D X X
Password Protection - X
Configurable I/Os X X
Database Print - X
Data transfer with USB-Stick X X
USB for connection with PC USB B USB B
Ethernet X X
Wireless LAN - -
Bluetooth - -
RS232 X X
RS422 - -

Popular Options


Do not forget to check the extras that you would like to install. The most popular options for these systems are:

  • Many printhead versions for HP®, Funai®Trident®, and Xaar® with or without flexbracket (printhead that slightly moves back when there is contact with the product)
  • Mounting bracket for controller and side or top mounting brackets for printheads
  • Encoder to synchronize speed with the production line (recommended when printing barcodes or production line has variable speed)
  • 3-colored alarm lamp
  • Photocells
  • And more...
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X4JET Documentation


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The specifications shown on this page may vary depending on the versions/models of the systems and may contain errors and/or may be subject to future changes. Double check these specs with the ones available on the respective brochures/technical sheets and always mention the critical requirements of your particular application when ordering/inquiring for prices.

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