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To control our range of inkjet coders there is the iDesign, the evolution of the old Editor3 software. It is a simple and intuitive software, that is very easy to use. And the best? It's totally free!

Main Features


Simple and intuitive. The iDesign software has the following features:

  • Controls our entire range of inkjet coders (all in one software)
  • You can insert text fields, barcodes, dates, times, counters, expiration dates, shift codes and monochromatic logos.
  • Inputs provided before printing (from the user via control unit keyboard)
  • Access to databases (ODBC) to compose the label quickly by simply changing the search key
  • Prints the most common barcodes (Code39 families, Code128, EAN, ITF, DUN, UPC, QR and Datamatrix - as long as it is supported by the controller unit)
  • Allows connection to the coders via network, USB, RS232 and RSS422 (as long as it is supported by the controller unit)
  • You can change the configuration parameters of the inkjet coder and start or stop printing, directly on your PC
  • Send texts directly to the inkjet coders or receive copies of the texts stored on the controller's memory
  • Estimation of the ink consumption (for how many prints will the cartridge last)
  • If you have the inkjet systems connected to your local network (LAN), you can control all the systems in your company using a single PC
  • Receive the software completely free of charge when buying any inkjet system
  • Free hotline support by phone or email
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iDesign Pro

iDesign Pro

And now there is also the possibility of upgrading to the pro version (with a single one-time payment). The iDesign Pro has the following features:

  • All the features of the standard iDesign
  • Creation of system groups (for example: start printing on all systems of a certain group)
  • iDesign Remote: Connection to internet services (for example: Data transfer with FileDrop, HTTP Request, remote databases)
  • Advanced user management (GAMP)
  • Advanced event logging and signal analysis
  • Among other features...
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Are you having problems? Need software help? Contact our hotline, by email or phone.

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