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Legitronic® Labeling Software

Legitronic® Labeling Software (or Legi for short) is the most powerful labeling software on the market. Despite being powerful, it is extremely simple and intuitive to use, and as the software is very light, all computers are able to run it. Since its first released version in 1978 (not yet for PC architecture), Legi has suffered constant improvements in order to meet the requirements of labeling. This long path made Legi become one of the best labeling software in the world. The simple and user-friendly graphical interface (a perfect WYSIWYG) makes the creation of labels quick and easy. It's as simple as the other Office applications (you can create fields, copy, paste or move/drag fields) and its functionality is impressive.

Main Features

Legitronic Labeling Software

Simple, intuitive and powerful. Legitronic® has the following features:

  • Includes optimized drivers for various models of printers from Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato®, among others, to ensure maximum efficiency. It can control desktop printers and also print-apply systems (all in one software)
  • Legi can control any printer installed in Windows® (however, performance is not guaranteed)
  • Text fields with advanced formatting (fonts and styles, such as in word processors like MS-Word)
  • Image fields that accept all types of common image formats (pcx, jpg, bmp, png, etc...). If the printer only prints in one color, Legi uses a powerful algorithm to convert the image into a monochromatic image simulating gray-scale with point grids;
  • Allows color printing and various print resolutions (if supported by the printer)
  • Inputs provided before printing (from the user via keyboard or from external devices, such as a scale connected to the PC to print the weight on the label)
  • Access to databases to automatically compose a label with the data for a given search key (you can use multiple search keys, tables and different databases simultaneously)
  • Prints counters, dates and times in any format
  • You can draw geometric shapes such as lines or boxes
  • Functions to write RFID information in the chip of smart RFID labels
  • Prints the widest range of barcodes. Includes a wizard to facilitate the creation of EAN128 codes
  • Advanced formulas, similar to MS-Excel, which allows you to perform complicated tasks easily, without needing external programming
  • Audit functions. Find out who printed what and when and assign passwords and groups permissions to each user
  • Control the stock of your labels. As the labels are being printed, the stock is automatically reduced and when it falls below a certain level, you will be notified
  • Network installation and possibility of printing on remote printers
  • Unlimited possibilities for the most demanding users by programming with the included VBA, or another language using batch scripts or C language libraries (although it is rare to have to resort to programming due to the varied possibilities of Legi)
  • Versions for Windows® 9x, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, for 32bits or 64bits systems
  • The software and all its documentation are completely translated in several languages including Portuguese from Portugal, English and others
  • Free hotline support by phone or email
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