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Here are some of our important dates and historical events related to our company.

Important Dates

Photo Event
1970 - Enterprise establishment
This date marks the birth of the organization. Founded as a sole proprietorship commercial company (Manuel das Dores Ginjeira), located in Travessa de Santa Quitéria, Lisbon, the company has grown to become the great organization it is today.
1970 - Stencil systems
Stenmark® stencil system made printing legible information directly onto shipping containers possible. These systems appeared in 1962 and started being commercialized in Portugal by MGS in 1970.
1978 - Introduction of the first Legitronic® labeling system
The Legitronic® labeling system marked the first time that computer technology was applied to on-site label printing.
1978 - Own label production
It was also in 1978 that we started our own label production with the acquisition of our first machine for label manufacturing.
1984 - The first Legitronic® for PC architecture
After 6 years, the Legitronic® was enhanced to include memory based on PC architecture. The software has suffered constant innovations, allowing the creation and printing of barcodes and advanced graphics.
1984 - The first printer with an electronic printhead
The year 1984 also marked the release of the first printer with an electronic printhead, the Labelex ET 235.
1987 - Manuel Ginjeira & Sequeira, Lda.
The company now has two partners and its name is changed to Manuel Ginjeira & Sequeira, Lda.
1988 - The first Legitronic® matrix line printer
On this year, the first matrix line printer is created, the Printronix MVP150 (Legi 50).
1990 - Commercialization of thermal-transfer printers
For the first time, thermal transfer printers are sold by MGS in Portugal. The model 130 by Zebra (Legi 80), allowed the printing of texts, graphics and barcodes on labels with higher quality and in larger quantities.
1991 - Change of facilities to Benfica
The company moves to a new office in Benfica, Lisbon.
1992 - MGS - Sistemas de Etiquetagem, Lda.
On this date, the company makes a change of its name to MGS - Sistemas de Etiquetagem, Lda. which still remains today.
1996 - Change of facilities to Tercena
The company continues to grow and therefore changes facilities again, this time moving to Tercena.
1996 - Acquisition of rotating machine
This year is also marked by the acquisition of our first rotating machine for labeling manufacturing.
1998 - Weber®'s debut on the development of Print-Apply Systems
The model 5100 printer-applicator was the first print-apply system developed by Weber®, commercialized exclusively in Portugal by MGS.
2000 - Acquisition of second rotating machine
MGS continues to invest and grow steadily and this year bets on the acquisition of a second rotating machine for label manufacturing.
2001 - Change of facilities to Barcarena
It was on this year that MGS decided to move its facilities to Lux Park, in Barcarena, in which we still continue working today.
2002 - Model 5200 series printer-applicator
Weber® unveils second generation of label printer-applicators with the introduction of the Model 5200 Series, technologically more advanced.
2004 - Weber®'s RFID printer-encoders and applicators
Weber® launches a print-apply system with a printer module that can print and encode RFID tags. The Model 5200 RFID has a label verification system and a rejection arm that prevents the application of bad RFID tags. Later on, special tamps for folding RFID flag-tags became available.
2004 - Commercialization of Inkjet Coders
Nationally, the range of solutions available increases, as MGS starts to commercialize coders with inkjet technology.
2005 - RFID Labels
From this date on, it has become possible to order RFID tags from MGS.
2006 - Introduction of thermal inkjet technology
MGS is one of the first companies to introduce in Portugal the new inkjet coders using TIJ technology with HP® cartridges.
2007 - Model 5300 series printer-applicator
Weber®'s 5300 model series printer-applicator has brought even more features and greater reliability, all in a nice and robust design.
2007 - First website version
MGS adapts to the new Internet era.
2008 - Acquisition of new rotating machines
On this date MGS heavily invest on its label production, buying two new rotating machines for labeling manufacturing (now up to 6 colors).
2009 - Second website version
Our website is totally renewed. With a more modern look, updated information and new sections.
2012 - New company logo
The company logo was redesigned to have a more modern and fresh look.
2015 - Third website version
Version that is more modern and functional, now optimized for mobile devices.
2016 - Golden iJet for the 40 years of partnership
Weber® awarded MGS with a Golden iJet, a prize offered for the successful 40-year partnership. A special thank you goes for everyone who made this possible: our colleagues and friends at Weber®, all the staff at MGS and of course, our dear customers.

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