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Alpha Compact

The Alpha Compact is the most recent system from Weber® for label application. It consists in a universal controller with a display that is very easy to use and a compact, sturdy and robust chassis, in which we can install modules such as, rewinders, Wipe-On or Tamp applicators, motors, among other options. This way we can create an agile system suitable to your application.

Main Features

Alpha Compact

Compact, fast and precise. The Alpha Compact systems have the following features:

  • Very high application rates up to 1100 labels per minute (depends of the system and label size)
  • Can keep up with production lines with speeds up to 100m/min (in model Alpha Compact Plus)
  • Excellent placement accuracy, applying labels exactly in the same place of the products, with error margins inferior to 1mm
  • Universal controller with a small display and buttons, making it easy to change configuration settings
  • Menus and status messages in many languages, including English and Portuguese
  • Compact and sturdy chassis for easy installation
  • Modular system for which you can choose from many different application methods with tamp or Wipe-On (in this case, compressed air is not needed)
  • Application on the sides, top or base of the products that travel on a production line
  • Accepts many label sizes
  • Available in LH and RH (left-/right-hand) versions
  • CE Certification
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Model: Alpha Compact LS

Alpha Compact LS

LS means Low Speed, and this is an economical system specially designed for lower application rates and where the speed of the production line is not critical. Main features:

  • Apply rates: 100 labels per minute (depends on the label size)
  • Apply Speed: up to 30m/min (depends on the label size)
  • Placement Accuracy: +/-1mm
  • Max Label Size (WxH): 120mm x 300mm
  • Min Label Size (WxH) 10mm x 20mm
  • Application Method: Wipe-On
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Model: Alpha Compact 120 / 150

Alpha Compact 120 / 150

The intermediate and standard Alpha Compact model. As the names suggest, the 120 model accepts labels up to 120mm wide while the 150 model allows labels widths up to 150mm. Main features:

  • Apply rates: 600 labels per minute (depends on the label size)
  • Apply Speed: up to 50m/min (depends on the label size, 40m/min for Model 150)
  • Placement Accuracy: +/-0.8mm
  • Max Label Size (WxH): 120mm x 300mm (Model 120) or 150mm x 300mm (Model 150)
  • Min Label Size (WxH) 10mm x 20mm
  • Application Method: Wipe-On
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Model: Alpha Compact Plus

Alpha Compact Plus

This is a system with a more powerful servomotor that allows for higher speeds and application rates, as well as wider labels. Depending on the label widths that the system supports, we have the models Plus 120, Plus 150, Plus 200 and Plus 250. Main features:

  • Apply rates: 1100 labels per minute (depends on the label size, in Model Plus 120)
  • Apply Speed: up to 100m/min (depends on the label size, in Model Plus 120)
  • Placement Accuracy: +/-0.3mm
  • Max Label Size (WxH): 250mm x 300mm (in Model Plus 250)
  • Min Label Size (WxH) 10mm x 10mm
  • Application Method: Wipe-On
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Model: Alpha Compact Inkjet

Alpha Compact Inkjet

Do you need to print a lot or an expiration date in your labels? You do not need to invest on a complete print-apply system. Install one of our inkjet coders (for example, the X1JET) in your apply-system and transform it in a print-and-apply system. It is the perfect solution for labels that need small variable information that cannot be pre-printed.

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Alpha Compact Modular: Build it Yourself

Alpha Compact Modular

Because the system is modular, you have total freedom. Equip your Alpha with motors and rewinders according to your needs. Choose one application method by installing linear or rotating tamps or Wipe-On rolls. Create a system to meet all your needs.

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Alpha Compact Documentation


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The specifications shown on this page may vary depending on the versions/models of the systems and may contain errors and/or may be subject to future changes. Double check these specs with the ones available on the respective brochures/technical sheets and always mention the critical requirements of your particular application when ordering/inquiring for prices.

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