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Different Application Methods

Many application methods and tamps to fit in perfect symbiosis with your products.

Application Method: Wipe-On

Wipe-On (click to watch an animation)

In this method, the label advances at the same speed of the product traveling on the conveyor and goes along with the product's surface. The label is then softly pressed against the product by means of a soft roll or brush. The great advantage of this method and what makes it so popular is the fact that there is no need for compressed air. And since there are no movable parts, the maintenance and the wearing down of the system is minimal. The machine can apply labels on the sides or tops of the products.

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Application Method: Tamp-Blow

Tamp-Blow (click to watch an animation)

Here we have a tamp that receives the label and then gets closer to the product to blow it. The system can apply labels on the side or top of the product. The advantage of this method is that there is no contact at all with the product and, with a proximity sensor installed on the tamp pad, it is possible to apply labels on top of products that have variable heights, without having to adjust anything. We call this method Inverted Tamp-Blow if, instead of the tamp extension upon product detection, the tamp extends immediately and waits for the product while it is already down.

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Application Method: Tamp-Blow Front/Rear (Swing-Tamp)

Tamp-Blow Front/Rear (click to watch an animation)

Here we have a swinging tamp, which allows the application of labels onto the product's frontal and rear sides.

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Application Method: Tamp-On

Tamp-On (click to watch an animation)

It is almost identical to the Tamp-Blow method, with the difference that the tamp is a special spring tamp, so that we can have a light contact with the products, pressing the label firmly onto the product's surface. Ideal for surfaces where the labels do not stick so well. Requires product stoppage.

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Application Method: Blow-On

Blow-On (click to watch an animation)

In this method, the label is applied using air blow, but from a fixed position, where there is no tamp (or when it exists, the tamp does not move from its position).

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Application Method: Corner-Wrap


The Corner-Wrap method allows the application of labels in a corner of a box. The tamp waits for the box to perform a frontal application and, as it goes back, it presses the remaining label portion onto the side of the box.

Application Method: Twin-Tamp


This method allows the application of labels in two adjacent sides of the same product. There are two phases. In one movement, we have a swing-tamp that preforms the frontal (or rear) application. In the other movement, for the lateral application, the entire swing-tamp assembly moves forward, without any tamp rotation.

Application Method: Tire / Barrel / Cylindrical Products

Cord Applicator

An extremely innovative method that have proven amazing results. And the best is that the tamp is 100% electric without the need of compressed air. This is achieved because there are electrical fans preforming the label suction and the cords make the label travel to the extremity of the tamp.

Application Method: Pallets


The applicators designed for pallets have a longer and sturdier special arm, which is usually capable of performing movements along two or three axes, to apply labels on two or three sides of the same pallet.

Optional: Rejection Tamp Pad

Rejection Tamp Pad

An optional tamp pad that, in case of detection of a bad reading of a barcode or RFID label, advances to intercept the defective label before the same is applied onto the product. If there is stoppage of the production line, a reprint can be performed automatically.

Application Method: Wrap-Around (Bottles, Flasks...)


Complete system that includes the conveyor belt and special lateral guides to perfectly apply labels onto flasks, bottles or other cylindrical light products.

Application Method: Customized Systems

Customized Systems

You have a product with a difficult design? We accept the challenge!

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Print-Apply Systems

You can install most of these applicators in your favorite print-and-apply system.

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Label Apply Systems for pre-printed labels

The Alpha Compact label applicator can use the convenient Wipe-On method or the tamp methods, to apply pre-printed labels onto the products.

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