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Print Engines

You can equip our print and apply systems with any of the printer modules listed below. For greater flexibility, we offer you a wide range of models and resolutions, starting with narrow-web units (for narrow labels) and ending with wider-web units (for wide labels). Among other features, we highlight:

  • High print quality with multiple resolutions: 203, 300, 400 or 600 dpi
  • Programmable print speeds up to some unbelievable 406mm per second
  • Various label widths, starting with the small 104mm printers an ending with printers that support sizes up to 168mm
  • Print the majority of barcode simbologies including 2D barcodes
  • Multiple communication interfaces to choose from: serial port (COM), parallel (LPT), USB and network (Ethernet)
  • Quality and durability
  • RFID-Ready models

Note: We have more models besides the ones listed.

Zebra ZE500

Zebra ZE500

This is the new printer module from Zebra® that arrived to replace the popular PAX models. There are the models ZE500-4 (4 inches) and the wide models ZE500-6 (6 inches), both available with printheads with 203 or 300dpi of resolution and in LH and RH (left-/right-hand) versions. Main features:

  • Print Width: 104mm (models ZE500-4) or 168mm (models ZE500-6)
  • Resolution: 203dpi or 300dpi
  • Print Speed: 305mm/s
  • RFID: Optional (models ZE500R-4)
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Datamax A-Class

Datamax A-Class

The Class A from Datamax® is reserved to printer module units. The models available are A-4212, A-4310, A-4408, A-4606, A-6212 and A-6310, all in the second MKII generation. All the models are available in LH and RH (left-/right-hand) versions. The first digit of the model indicates the print width, the second one indicates the resolution and the last two digits define the maximum print speed (example: 4310 is a 4 inches printer with 300dpi and 10ips of top speed). Main features:

  • Print Width: approx. 104mm (models A-4xxx) or approx. 162mm (models A-6xxx)
  • Resolution: 203dpi (models A-x2xx), 300dpi (models A-x3xx), 406 (models A-x4xx) or 600dpi (models A-x6xx)
  • Print Speed: 152mm/s (models A-xx06), 203mm/s (models A-xx08), 254mm/s (models A-xx10) or 304mm/s (models A-xx12)
  • RFID: Optional (only on some models)
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Sato S84-ex / S86-ex

Sato S84-ex / S86-ex

These are the most recent printer modules from Sato®. With a bigger display, a more appealing look and with the most advanced technology, these models are very appealing. Available in LH and RH (left-/right-hand) versions. Main features:

  • Print Width: 104mm (S84-ex) or 167,5mm (S86-ex)
  • Resolution: 203dpi, 305dpi or 609dpi (only on S84-ex)
  • Print Speed: 152mm/s (S84-ex 609dpi), 305mm/s (S86-ex 305dpi), 356 mm/s (S84-ex 305dpi and S86-ex 203dpi) or 406 mm/s (S84-ex 203dpi)
  • RFID: Optional (only on some models)
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Sato LT 408

Sato LT 408

The entry-level model from Sato® is one of the less expensive units in the market. Available in LH and RH (left-/right-hand) versions. Main features:

  • Print Width: 104mm
  • Resolution: 203dpi
  • Print Speed: 150mm/s
  • RFID: No
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Sato Avery DPM/PEM

These printer modules have the particularity of using "near-edge" printheads that produce a print image that is slightly sharper (they need special near-edge ribbons). These printers are known for allowing precise fine-adjustments. The difference between the PEM and DPM models is that the PEM printers do not peel the label off its liner. Available in widths of 4, 5 or 6 inches in LH and RH (left-/right-hand) versions. Main features:

  • Print Width: 106mm (4" models), 127mm (5" models) or 160mm (6" models)
  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • Print Speed: 300mm/s (6" models) or 400mm/s (4" and 5" models)
  • RFID: Optional (only on some models)
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The specifications shown on this page may vary depending on the versions/models of the systems and may contain errors and/or may be subject to future changes. Double check these specs with the ones available on the respective brochures/technical sheets and always mention the critical requirements of your particular application when ordering/inquiring for prices.

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