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Thermal-Transfer Ribbons

In the printer, the filament in the printhead heats up, melting the ink present on the ribbon and resulting in it adhering on the labels. That is why it's called thermal-transfer. This method is better to extend the life of printheads when compared with the Direct-Thermal method, because the ribbon's surface is less abrasive to the thermal-dots in the filaments of the printer. And because thermal sensitive paper is usually more expensive than regular paper, the print costs remain very similar. Available in many qualities and sizes, the most suitable ribbon for you also depends on the label material that you are going to print on.

Ribbons Standard (Wax)

Ribbons Standard

The most used quality, cheap and perfect for white paper labels. The wax has a great transferability on the paper, even using low printing temperatures. However, the print result does not show a perfect scratch resistance (for example, when you scratch the label with your nail).

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Ribbons Medium (Wax-Resin Mixture)

Ribbons Medium

Ideal for colored labels. Some background paintings on the label may make it difficult for the standard ribbon's ink to adhere to the label. In these situations, the medium ribbons are most suitable. They also have a slightly better scratch resistance (for example, when you scratch the label with your nail).

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Ribbons Premium (Resin)

Ribbons Premium

For special label materials such as PE or PP films, you should use Premium ribbons. They may have a poorer transferability than normal (they require more print temperature), but when they adhere, they have optimal scratch resistance. It's impossible to blur the printing by scratching, which makes them ideal to print durable labels. Some combinations of ribbon and label materials even guarantee resistance to some solvents, such as alcohol.

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Colored Ribbons

Colored Ribbons

Besides the black-colored ribbons, there are also colored ones. With them, you can print in color using your printer (but always in a single color). The colored ribbons can also be from the qualities standard, medium or premium and, as obvious, they also exist in different sizes and for the various models of printer in the market.

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Windings (IC/OC)

Enrolamento IC/OC

No matter what ribbon we are talking about, you can opt from one of the two windings. The thermal-transfer ribbons are rolls where on one of the sides we have a layer of ink (that can be wax-based, resin-based or mixture) and on the other side we have an anti-abrasive layer to protect the printer's printhead. The OC (Outside Coated) ribbons have the ink layer facing the outside, while the IC (Inside Coated) ribbons have the ink layer facing the inside of the roll. It is extremely important to know which one of the winding your printer uses. Zebra® printers normally need OC ribbons and Datamax® printers work with IC ribbons. Some models allow the use of both types.

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Many Sizes

Medidas das Ribbons

There are many widths, beginning at the narrow 40mm ribbons and ending with the wide 220mm ribbons. You should use a ribbon that is wider than your labels including margins (wider than the liner). This is because the edge of the liner is extremely abrasive and the prolonged passage can damage the printhead. A wider ribbon helps protecting from those damages.

There also exist many length: the common 300m ribbons; the jumbo 450m ribbons (for less stops to replace ribbon, ideal for print-apply systems); or the small 74m ribbons (for the small printers). Some printers require a special inside core and other models have near-edge printheads, but we have the ribbon you need.

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