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Epson C7500

Epson® C7500 is an industrial label printer, extremely fast and designed for long print-jobs. Furthermore, the price per print is very low and it uses pigmented ink which results in prints that are very durable and have high resistance against scratches and solvents.

Main Features

Epson C7500

Printer that uses 4 CMYK individual cartridges designed to print high-resolution labels at high-speeds. Even at maximum resolution, the print speed reaches an unbelievable mark of 300mm/s. It takes big cartridges for fewer stops during long print-jobs. It has a system for nozzle verification and offers useful features such as automatic cutting, simple label loading and a LCD to show status messages. Optionally, you can install a handy frontal rewinder. The C7500G model is optimized for high-gloss labels (G stands for Glossy). The C7500 printers have the following features:

  • Resolution: 600x1200dpi
  • Print Width: 108mm
  • Label Width: between 50 and 112mm
  • Max Print Speed: 300mm/s (for 600x1200dpi resolutions and labels 108mm wide)
  • Gap and black mark sensors
  • USB 2.0 and Ethernet Ports
  • Cartridges: Black (300ml), Magenta (300ml), Cyan (300ml), Yellow (300ml)
  • ZPL Emulation with colored images support
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Model 141-P

Model 141-P

Weber® has developed a special module for the Epson® C7500 printer that transforms the desktop printer into a print-apply labeling system for bottles and flasks. This semi-automatic system has the following advantages:

  • Easy to use: The applicator connects directly to the printer to control the label feed
  • Similar to the BottleMatic with extra flexibility (print on demand only the necessary labels)
  • Labeling of bottles and flasks with diameters up to 155mm
  • Capable of reaching rates of 30 products per minute (depends on the label size)
  • Excellent label placement accuracy (with +/-0.8mm maximum error)
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Popular Options


Do not forget to check the extras that you would like to install. The most popular options for these printers are:

  • Frontal rewinder (Printer-powered)
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Epson C7500 Documentation


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