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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the questions that our customers most frequently ask us.

Questions and Answers

F.A.Q. - Respostas a Questões Frequentes

1. I can't find the printer or product I want. Do you only sell what is displayed on the website?

On our website we only display the most common products that are adequate to most of our customers. If you need a specific product or system, or by any reason an older one, please contact us. Many of our products are not on the website, so we might be able to help you.

2. Do you have the brochures and manuals in other languages?

Unfortunately, unless listed on the website, we don't translate brochures and leaflets. But you can ask us and we will give you all the information you need. About the manuals, it is mandatory to have them in the customer's language, so if you haven't received a copy in your language along with your system, please request us the PDF version.

3. Why should I buy the machines from you and not directly from Weber®?

We are the official Weber® distributors in Portugal. Our prices are not higher than what you can get by buying in other country. Generally, not only on our business, it is a good policy to buy from the official distributors of the companies of your own country to benefit, for example, from technical assistance.

4. Do you make contracts for technical assistance?

We do. Contact us for more information.

5. I would like to work for MGS. What should I do?

Visit the page "Recruitment" and send us your curriculum vitae. If we are interested we will contact the applicant.

6. I discovered that my Legitronic® Labeling Software release is not the latest version. Can I download or get the new version for free?

Unless it is a critical bug correction or you have made a special contract stating otherwise, you cannot get free updates.

7. In which operative system can I install my Legitronic® Labeling Software version?

16bit versions (v2.x.x) can only run up to Windows® 98. 32bit versions (v3.x.x) can run in Windows® XP. However, for Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 it is necessary to have version 3.6.5 or above. For Windows® 8 it is recommended that you have version 3.7.0 or above.

8. How do I fix the error "impossible to communicate with the printer" that appears in Legitronic®?

Make sure the printer is on and ready to print (no errors). Make sure the printer driver is sending data to the correct communication port. To do so, open "Printers and Faxes" in the "Control Panel" in Windows® and then, using your mouse, right click on the printer's icon to open the properties of your printer. Look for the tab "Ports", and make sure that the tick is on the right port (COMX, LPTX, USBXXX or IP). If you are using the communication serial port (COMX), make sure you have configured the port with the correct values by pressing the button "Configure Port..." in the same tab. The values should be the same as the values used by the printer (refer to the printer's menu or manual for more information). If you are not using a COM port, disable the "Bidirectional Support" option. If you are using a network cable, make sure you are using a "Standard TCP/IP" port with the RAW protocol (port 9100) and that the selected IP address is in fact the one the printer is using (you can use the ping command to test if the printer is accessible inside your network).

9. The cutter of the printer does not cut or when it cuts the printer pauses. What should I do?

Make sure you have activated the cutter. To do this, open "Printers and Faxes" in the "Control Panel" in Windows® and then, using your mouse, right click on the printer's icon to open the properties of your printer. On the "Device Settings" tab, set "Cutter" to "Cutter installed". Additionally, open the label format for drawing in Legitronic® and on the menu "File->Printer Setup" activate the cutter (cutter: enabled). The print mode to be sending to the printer should be cutter, or in case you don't send it in the software, you should manually configure it in your printer's display menu. Printer parameter "Cut/Pause" will now define the interval of labels before preforming a cut, and it will not pause the printer.

10. Why is the printer's rewinder not working?

On the printer menu you should set print mode to rewind. Also make sure that the label format does not send a configuration to the printer with a different print mode.

11. Why does Legitronic® shows the error "security module not found" and I can't print labels?

You must connect the print license to the computer (USB or parallel dongle). If the error persists, check the installation of the Sentinel program, which is responsible for identifying the print key (usually you can do this in the Start Menu->All Programs->Weber Marking Systems->Legitronic Labeling Software->Sentinel Installer).

If your problem or doubt still persists, do not hesitate to contact us.

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