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Legi-Air 2050

This low-cost system is designed for automated print and apply processes in production lines, but it can also be used in a semiautomatic mode, in which the operator can perform the application manually. The system has a robust applicator using the Tamp-Blow method, a contactless application mode that in combination with a sensor on the tamp allows the precise labeling of products with variable heights.

Main Features

Legi-Air 2050

This system consists on a Sato® CL4NX desktop printer equipped with a robust Festo pneumatic tamp (requires compressed air) which includes a proximity sensor for the label application on products with different heights. Since the Sato® CL4NX printers support bigger label rolls and 600m thermal ribbons, not to mention the sophisticated user-friendly display, it is no surprise that this model is the ideal choice to transform into a print-apply system. LA 2050 systems have the following features:

  • The scope of supply includes a Sato® CL4NX printer with a 300dpi printhead (optionally, 203 or 600dpi)
  • Application method Tamp Blow with sensor for variable stroke application
  • Tamp stroke length up to 170mm
  • Tamp pads available in 3 sizes up to 120x160mm (to be drilled to fit the exact size of your labels)
  • Application accuracy of +/-1.5mm
  • Fast, easily handles 25 labels/min for medium sized labels with 80x60mm (max conveyor speed and application rates depend on things such as printing speed of the printer-module, label size and distance to the product)
  • Only available in LH (left-hand)
  • The scope of supply includes the proximity sensor (at the tamp) and the product sensor (to fix on the production line)
  • Supports label sizes ranging from 40x30mm up to 120x160mm, with maximum roll diameter up to 218mm (about 200m) and thermal ribbons with 600m
  • Printer features: understands ZPL, DPL, IPL e TPL, high-resolution color display, among others (to know more, check also: Sato® CLNX)
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