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Legi-Air 5300

These systems are the evolution of the popular Model 5200. The new controller with an orange touchscreen is more intuitive than ever and allows an easy operation and configuration of the system. It can also be configured and operated remotely via Ethernet, using a computer.

Main Features

Legi-Air 5300

Sturdy and well-built, this model is the most advanced in the market. It has a row of pressure indicators where the individual pressures for each pneumatic system can be regulated. And the orange controller is very appealing and useful. The LA 5300 systems have the following features:

  • Compatible with a wide range of printer-modules from prestigious makers such as Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato® and Avery®
  • Different application methods to choose from
  • Tamps with different stroke lengths and tamp pads specially adapted to fit your label size
  • With an outstanding accuracy, there really are no label misplacements (error of +/-0.76mm)
  • Extremely fast (max conveyor speed and application rates depend on things such as printing speed of the printer-module, label size and applicator model)
  • The system has its own webservice (besides the printer-module's webservice), so that you can check the machine status and change configuration parameters with your PC using a web-browser
  • Large set of I/O signals available for an easy integration in production lines
  • Possibility to store print-jobs (label formats) in memory so that you can start a production without having to use a computer
  • LH/RH versions (left-/right-hand)
  • Many options to choose from, such as alarm lamps, proximity sensors installed at the tamp, stands, and many others
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Model: 5300 Tamp-Blow

Legi-Air 5300 Tamp-Blow

Model 5300 equipped with a tamp for the classic Tamp-Blow method. The label is blown without any contact of the tamp with the product. For contact applications, a special spring tamp should be used (refer to the Direct-Tamp model). An optional photocell can be installed on the tamp to apply labels onto products with variable heights. There are arms with various tamp stroke lengths (from short to long) and there even is an Electric Tamp Blow for high-speeds (see photo 03 / video 02). The system can also be configured for Inverted-Tamp-Blow, where the tamp extends immediately after grabbing the label and waits for the product, only returning to grab the next label after the previous one is blown onto the product, so that the system can keep up with fast production lines (needs extra care to insure that the tamp is not hit by an higher product).

  • Applicator: Tamp-Blow
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Model: 5300 Air-Blow

Legi-Air 5300 Air-Blow

Model 5300 with a vacuum box. In this system, the classic tamp applicator is not used. The advantage is that without movable parts there is less system wear and fewer adjustments are needed. However, this method can only be used on products with fixed heights (but the system's stand allows manual height adjustments).

  • Applicator: Blow-On
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Model: 5300 Direct-Tamp

Legi-Air 5300 Direct-Tamp

System similar to the Tamp-Blow model, with the difference that the tamp contains special springs to allow a soft contact against the products. Those springs avoid damage on the products and on the tamp itself. This is useful when the label does not easily stick onto the product's surface, as, instead of being pressed by the tamp's air blow, it's the tamp itself that presses the label. This way it is not necessary to use additional pressure rolls/brushes. It can also label products of variable heights.

  • Applicator: Tamp-On
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Model: 5300 Swing-Tamp

Legi-Air 5300 Swing-Tamp

Model with articulated tamp. This is the ideal solution for when you need to label the frontal side of your products. The principle is similar to the Tamp-Blow method, but instead of performing a linear movement, the tamp executes a rotational movement. It can also apply label on the product's rear side, by reversing the conveyor's direction (or opting for the LH/RH version as necessary), although in this scenario, the production line can't reach high speeds (so that the box does not "ran way" while the arm is moving).

  • Applicator: Swing-Tamp (Front/Rear Application)
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Model: 5300 Twin-Tamp

Legi-Air 5300 Twin-Tamp

Allows the application in two adjacent sides of the same product (front/side or side/rear). To apply a label in the front and lateral side of the same product, the principle is the same as the Swing-Tamp, but after that there is another linear movement to apply the label on the side of the box. Nothing better than watching the video 05 (5300 Twin-Tamp).

  • Applicator: Twin-Tamp
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Model: 5300 Corner-Wrap

Legi-Air 5300 Corner-Wrap

Model to apply labels on the edges of the boxes. The method is similar to the Swing-Tamp, as the label is applied on the front (but not totally, it is sticking out a bit) and, instead of retreating after the application, the tamp keeps doing a small resistance as it retreats with the force of the product. By doing so, the tamp presses the remaining portion of the label around the corner and along the box's lateral. Nothing better than watching the video 04 (5300 Corner-Wrap).

  • Applicator: Corner-Wrap
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Model: 5300 Tire

Legi-Air 5300 Tire

Extremely innovative applicator for cylindrical products, such as tires and barrels. It is electrical and does not require compressed air. The label travels to the applicator's extremity thanks to the cords that pull it and the fans that prevent the labels from falling off. Then the product hits the movable arm that retreats with the product, pressing the label around it by doing so. Nothing better than watching the videos 09 (5300 Tire Pneus) and 10 (5300 Tire Bidons).

  • Applicator: Cords (for tires, barrels and other cylindrical-shaped products)
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Model: 5300 Pallet

Legi-Air 5300 Pallet

This method is identical to the normal Tamp-Blow, but being designed for palletization, the arm is reinforced and longer.

  • Applicator: Tamp-Blow (Reinforced special arm for pallets)
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Model: 5300 Pallet Dual (2 sides)

Legi-Air 5300 Pallet Dual (2 sides)

Model for labeling two sides of the same pallet. The principle is similar to the Twin-Tamp, but the arm is longer and reinforced, made especially for pallets.

  • Applicator: Twin-Tamp (Reinforced special arm for pallets)
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Model: 5300 RFID

Legi-Air 5300 RFID

Equipped with a RFID printer module and an optional rejection tamp pad for wrongly encoded labels, this system is perfect to apply smart RFID labels.

  • Applicator: Tamp-Blow (with optional rejection tamp pad)
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Legi-Air 5300 Documentation


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5300 Tamp-Blow 5300 Electric-Tamp 5300 Air-Blow 5300 Corner-Wrap 5300 Twin-Tamp 5300 RFID 5300 Pallet 5300 Pallet Dual 5300 Tire (Pneus) 5300 Tire (Bidons)
The specifications shown on this page may vary depending on the versions/models of the systems and may contain errors and/or may be subject to future changes. Double check these specs with the ones available on the respective brochures/technical sheets and always mention the critical requirements of your particular application when ordering/inquiring for prices.

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