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Legi-Air 6000

New high performance system with a servo motor capable of unbelievable speeds, 50% faster than applicators using pneumatically driven cylinders. The application method is variable Tamp-Blow, and even if the product height difference is 500mm and the label used is A6-sized, the system clocks 2250 cycles per hour.

Main Features

Legi-Air 6000

The 6000 series is in fact a state of the art system. The applicator is made of carbon fiber to be ultra-light and fast. It uses a servo motor instead of pneumatically driven cylinders which results in the system being 50% faster, consuming much less compressed air (only needed to hold the label on the tamp and blowing it onto the product) and furthermore, eliminating most part of the maintenance procedures and mechanical failures. It comes equipped with a proximity sensor at the tamp so it can label products with different heights (up to 500mm). The LA 6000 system has the following features:

  • Compatible with a wide range of printer-modules from prestigious makers such as Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato® and Avery®
  • Uses the variable Tamp Blow method (proximity sensor at the tamp is included)
  • Tamps with different stroke lengths and tamp pads specially adapted to fit your label size
  • Ultra-light carbon fiber applicator with high speed servo motor
  • Modular construction
  • Takes big sized rolls
  • With an outstanding accuracy, there really are no label misplacements (error of +/-1mm)
  • Unbelievably fast: 40 labels per minute even when using big labels and long tamp strokes (max conveyor speed and application rates depend on things such as printing speed of the printer-module, label size and stroke length needed)
  • Large set of I/O signals available for an easy integration in production lines
  • Possibility to store print-jobs (label formats) in memory so that you can start a production without having to use a computer
  • LH/RH versions (left-/right-hand)
  • Many options to choose from, such as alarm lamps, stands, and many others
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