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Thermal-Transfer Ribbons

We have the perfect print ribbon for your labels and printer. Don't know which one to pick? No problem, tell us the name of your printer model and the labels you are using (if you bought them from us, we already know) and we will suggest the best thermal-transfer ribbon for you.

Switch to Thermal-Transfer

Do you use thermal labels to cut on the ribbon costs? Think twice! The direct thermal mode wears down you printer's printhead way faster when compared to the thermal-transfer mode. This is because the ribbons have a soft layer that protects the printhead from the abrasion of the label roll. And you do know that printheads are not exactly cheap, do you not? Besides that, thermal paper is more expensive than regular paper, so, doing the math, thermal-transfer comes cheaper.

Different Qualities

To get the best possible print results, it is very important to pay attention to the ribbons composition and the kind of labels in which you will print. The perfect combination makes all the difference.

Standard Ribbons (Wax)

Standard Quality The most used quality. It is the most economic and recommended choice for white paper labels. Wax has a very high transferability to the paper, even at lower print temperatures, which means less wear to your printer.

Medium Ribbons (Wax and Resin Mixture)

Medium Quality Perfect for labels with a background color paint or high-glossy papers. Some background paintings may cause the ink from the standard ribbons to not transfer properly into the label. For these cases, medium ribbons are recommended. They also show a higher resistance to abrasion, for example, when scratching the printed label.

Premium Ribbons (Resin)

Premium Quality For special label materials, like for instance, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene or vinyl labels, the recommended print ribbon is a Premium ribbon. They can show a less efficient transferability than the normal ribbons (a higher print temperature is required), but when they stick to the label, they show a very high print quality and excellent abrasion resistance. It is not possible to scratch the print, which makes these ribbons perfect for long term durable labels. Some combinations of ribbon and label even come with the guarantee of being resistant to some solvents, such as alcohol.

For Any Kind of Printers

A few printer models use near-edge printheads, that is, as opposed to flat printheads, in these heads, the thermal filament makes an angle when contacting with the ribbon and labels. Some printers also require special cores (cardboard tube) with a custom shape to fit in the printer, or the ribbon must be centered on the core. All these printers need a special type of ribbon, and we do have the one you need.

Save the Planet

When using our thermal-transfer ribbons, you are helping the planet. Our ribbons are in accordance with the RoHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances) directives. And we also have patented ribbons with SolFree® technology in which the support layers do not contain solvents and thus their production reduces a lot the emissions of CO2. Protect your printhead and the nature.

In Many Sizes

The print ribbons are available in many sizes in order to perfectly adapt to your labels and your printer.

Different Widths

Different Widths Ribbons are available starting from the narrow 40mm ribbons going all up to the wide 220mm ones. You should use a print ribbon that is only slightly wider than the label roll (including the margins). This is because the edges of the label liner are a lot more abrasive and its prolonged passage may damage the printhead. A ribbon that is wider than the liner will help protecting from those damages and that avoids surprises on the day that you will try to print labels with bigger widths. The ribbons should not be much wider than the labels, in order to avoid ribbon wrinkles.

Different Lengths

Different Lengths They also come in various lengths. You can pick the typical 300m length ribbon or go for jumbo rolls of 450m for less ribbon changes, perfect for print-and-apply systems. Or you can go with the tiny 74m ribbons that are required by compact printers.

Different Colors

The most usual ribbon is black, but did you know that you could print your labels in another color? You only need to use a colored ribbon instead of a black one.

Give Color to Your Labels

Ribbons in many colors Give life to your labels and make them more appealing and flashier. Besides black, the blue and red colors are also quite common, but there are more colors like green, yellow and others. And there are even white ribbons to print on labels with a dark background color.

Different Winding and Roll Cores

No matter which printer you have, we have the ribbon you need.

OC and IC Winding

OC and IC Winding For every ribbon, you can choose one type of winding. Thermal-transfer ribbons are rolls in which one of the sides there is an ink layer (that can be wax-based, resin-based or a mix of both) and on the other side there is an anti-abrasive smooth layer to protect the printer's printhead. OC (Outside Coated) ribbons have the ink layer facing to the outside, as opposed to the IC (Inside Coated) ribbons, where the ink is facing to the interior of the roll. It is important to know which kind of winding your printer is compatible with. For example, some models such as Zebra® printers require OC ribbons while Datamax® printers use IC ribbons, but some modern models usually have special unwinders that can accept both types. Inserting the ribbon the wrong way in a model that only accepts one kind of winding can damage the unwinder.

Core Tubes

Ribbon's Core Some printers require their own special ribbons. For instance, printers that use centered ribbons always require core tubes with the total width even when the ribbon is narrower. And the cores might need special indentations to fit in the printer.

Different Manufactures

We only work with renowned brand names

We only sell high quality ribbons from renowned international suppliers. Forget problems like ink residues present on the opposite side or poor ink transferability.

Extend the Life of Your Printer

Our print ribbons have controlled manufacturing, not only when it comes to the ink composition, but also the protective layers that will face the printhead. When you use our ribbons, you are extending the longevity of your printhead, for that layer is smooth and slick, with high quality and repellent in order to not bring ink residues typical of poor-quality ribbons that, over time, will build up on the printhead and fuse together.

Always at Their Best

We always store the ribbons properly in our warehouse when it comes to conditions like temperature, humidity and luminosity. Our stocks are always controlled and rotated using the first in first out principle.

Request a Quotation

Contact us now to receive a price quotation without any costs. To do so, send us an email for inquiring where you answer to questions shown below (copy the text into your email):

Send To:

I would like to receive a quotation for thermal-transfer ribbons with the following specifications.

Ribbon Composition: Standard (Wax) / Medium (Wax+Resin) / Premium (Resin)
Ribbon Width [mm]: (ex: 110mm)
Ribbon Length [m] (optional): 300 meters / 450 meters / 74 meters / indifferent
Ribbon Winding: OC (ink on the outside) / IC (ink on the inside)
Ribbon Color: Black / (ex: Blue)
Printer Model: (ex: Zebra ZM400 4" 203dpi)
Order Quantity: (ex: 50 rolls) / necessary ribbons (when ordering labels as well)

## Company Data
Name: (ex: My Company, Inc.) / optional if present in email signature
VAT Number: (ex: 123 456 789) / optional if present in email signature
Ribbons for resale?: yes / no

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