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If you are in need of technical support, you have come to the right place. To begin with, try to check the manual of your system to see if it contains information that could help with your problem. You should also check our FAQ page. If it does not help, you can request our hardware and software support services and/or even technical training services.

Technical Support for Hardware

Technical Support for Hardware Please, contact us as soon as you notice any malfunction or anomaly in your equipment. We have our own Repair Workshop and we commit to execute the repairs in the shortest possible time. We have the following services related to hardware and repairs:

Free Hotline with Immediate Response

Hotline Service via Email or Phone Immediate response via telephone, fax or email to help with small adjustments and troubleshooting of common configuration problems.
Contact us right now!


We can make repairs in the workshop at our own facilities or directly in the field at the customer's factory. We can repair all systems from Weber®, Mark-o-Print, and label printers of the brands Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato®, Avery®, Novexx®, Labelex®, Leptons®, Label-Aire® and Printronix®.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts We only install original parts in your machines and printers. If you want to order a part, please inform us of the serial number and, in case it was not sold by us, also the brand and model of your machine. You can decide if you want us to do the assembly or if you will do it yourself (please note that you can void the warranty of your system and the part itself). We recommend that, for systems that are critical to your activity, you keep a backup system (that can be working at the same time) or, as an alternative, that you keep regular wearable parts, such as printheads, rubber rolls and bearings in stock. This is because we sell a lot of different systems and it is not possible for us to always keep parts in our warehouse for each and every one of the models. Generally, we can get the part you need in one or two days, but sometimes it can take longer if our suppliers do not have the part in stock.

Always Ready for You

We are always by your side, starting with the installation and initial start-up of the systems and each and every time you need routine maintenance or repairs. We can make special contracts for technical support and hardware maintenance tailored to your needs, and it is possible to reduce your costs and downtimes with regular preventive maintenance. In case of malfunctions, we try to respond always in the shortest time possible but, to guarantee technical assistance in less than 24 hours, a technical contract is necessary.

Software Support

Do you urgently need answers? Our specialists are ready to help you with your software problems and questions that need immediate response. Do not hesitate to contact us. We have the following services related to software:

Free Hotline with Immediate Response

Hotline Service via Email or Phone Immediate response via telephone, fax or email to help with small problems and troubleshooting of common configuration issues.
Contact us right now!

Always with You

Software Support We are always by your side, starting with the installation, setup, initial first run and operator training and then when there are updates or each time you need an upgrade or future operator trainings at your factory or in the multimedia room at our facilities. We can elaborate special technical support contracts for software assistance tailored to your needs.

Turn-key Solutions

Dedicated Software Development We can present complete "turn-key" solutions containing the printers, the software, the installation and the operators training. We can go even further and design and make your label layouts, create databases, convert and treat your logos, among other tasks. If necessary, we can also develop specific software to meet your requirements.

Installation and Training Services

We have installation and training services not only for machines and hardware systems but also for software.

Start with Your Right Foot

Installation and Initial Start-up When you purchase our print and apply or inkjet systems, we provide installation, configuration and initial start-up services. Furthermore, operator training may be included. For desktop printers, in order to lower your acquisition costs, these services are optional, since these systems are pretty easy to setup.

Trainings Anywhere, Anytime

Installation and Training Services Operator training may be included when you acquire our systems, but you can also schedule new trainings at any time. Trainings take place at the installation site of the system in question or, if possible, in our facilities (only for software, thermal-transfer printers or other theoretical trainings). We teach not only operators but can also train maintenance technicians. Typically, large companies have their own Maintenance Departments. For these cases, we can provide usage training, technical advanced training and preventive training to the technicians of those departments. Furthermore, concerning the software, we can also offer specialized training to the IT Department personnel.

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