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Dedicated Software Development

Program Yourself

Everything is Available and Well-Documented

All programming manuals are well-documented and available by request without any additional cost. We can help you in the initial setup and provide some basic demo examples, as well as helping in any problem that you may find in the way.

Program in Your Favorite Language

Java, C++, Visual Basic or any other language, you choose.

Programming Libraries make Everything Easier

Bibliotecas de Programação Our labeling software Legitronic® comes with programming libraries for C++ and Visual Basic. And, because we are Java fans, we encapsulated the C++ libraries to create Java classes using JNI, so you can use this option as well. You can load label formats (.lbl files), fill in variable fields, pick the printer, among other tasks, and start a print job. Legitronic® is so complete and versatile that most likely you won't need to do any programming, but for complex algorithms it is always good to have this option available.

You can go to an even lower level and directly use printer commands directly with the Zebra®, Datamax® and Sato® printers that we sell. The ZPL (for Zebra® printers), the DPL (for Datamax® printers) and the SPL (for Sato® printers) are command languages that are very well-known and well documented. With Legitronic, you can convert any label into ZPL, DPL or SPL commands and then fill in or replace specific areas of the label.

As for our inkjet coding software iDesign, it even easier. The communication with the controllers is completely clear. The saved texts (the "labels" that are printed directly on the products) are pure text files that can be read and modified in any programming language. The format of the commands for communication and for text creation ("labels") are all well-documented and we can provide such documentation. As we have Java fans, we have already created Java classes so that you can create objects to call methods without needing to study the command language.

Or We Program it for You

Programs with Professional User Interface

You can benefit from our programming services. We use Java and we can develop applications with windows with a very professional look and feel.

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