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Inkjet Controllers

These devices can control multiple inkjet printheads, they handle the communication with the PC, they allow adjustments to the print parameters and the configuration of peripherals and they server as human-machine interface, letting the user select the texts to print and showing status and warning messages. They are the brain of the inkjet system.


Universal Controllers

Connect any kind of printhead to our controllers. TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) technology from HP® or Funai® or Piezoelectric technology from Seiko®, Trident® or Xaar®, it's your pick.

The Integrator's Paradise

The communication with the controllers is completely clear. The saved texts (the "labels" that are printed directly on the products) are pure text files that can be read and modified in any programming language. The format of the commands for communication and for text creation ("labels") are all well-documented and we can provide such documentation. Several I/O signals are available for synchronization with the production line. And with the Weber® policy for Global Export, the system integrator companies can export our inkjet systems as part of a bigger system and the final user gets all the technical support in the destination country, performed by the local distributor of that said country, all completely transparent and without additional costs. All that a system integrator must do is mention that the system is for resale and when the destination country is known, inform us about it so that we can proceed with the transfer of responsibility of the system to the local distributor.

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