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Novexx PEM

Novexx PEM

Line of printer modules that Novexx® acquired from Avery® that have some peculiar characteristics, such as a 5 inches model, 300dpi near-edge printheads and the included ribbon-saver system. Furthermore, these models do not peel the label off and that allows an in-line assembly with other devices. Available in both left- and right-hand versions, so that you can equip your print-and-apply system no matter its orientation. There are 10, 13 and 16cm models with resolutions of 300dpi

Renowned Brand

Novexx® bought the classic line of printer modules from Avery® and when choosing a model from this manufacturer you will be acquiring a well-built and long-lasting high-quality printer.

High-end Printer

These printers are at the top of the class when it comes to industrial printers. Besides bringing a larger range of features, it is in the quality of their construction where you can feel the differences. With most of the plastic parts replaced with metal components, these sturdy printers are made to last.

"Just-in-Time" Printing

The problem of keeping stocks of labels with variable information that eventually gets obsolete is a thing of the past. Printing the labels when you really need them saves time, money and prevents headaches.

Print Bigger

The 6 inches model allows a wider print width to support large labels with widths up to 16cm. You will be able to create readable labels without having to omit any information.

Real Time Clock

The printer has an internal clock so that you can print the exact date and time in which each individual label of the print job is effectively printed.

Easy to Use

It is very simple to load the label roll and the print ribbon into the printer. Furthermore, you have a display where you can easily change print settings.

Maintenance Free

With a long lifespan, built only with quality materials, you will not find a single rusty spot and, besides the occasional cleaning of adhesive accumulation, there is no need for lubrication or maintenance.

Print and Apply

Equip your labeler with this fast printer module to achieve high application rates. With a print speed of over 400mm/s and precise label feeding, you can push your print-apply system to the very limit.

Near-Edge Printhead

This model requires special Near-Edge type ribbons which allow a good print quality even at faster print speeds. It comes with a ribbon saving system included as a standard feature.

Without Peeler Bar for Integration Purposes

The PEM models are similar to the DPM models in almost every aspect. The difference is that this is one of the few printer modules that was designed to be used in-line with other devices. This means that, contrasting with the DPM models (Dispensing Printer Module) that peel the label off of the silicone liner, the PEM models (Print Engine Module) neither peel the label off nor rewind the liner. Thus, the system can be used together with a second printer or with labeling systems that are designed to peel off the labels themselves. As it can be seen in the picture above, combining two PEM models in-line, we can print two-color labels, for example, to create GHS (Globally Harmonized System) labels. As illustrated by the picture, two PEM systems were used, as it was intended to obtain a final printed label roll, but if it was desired to print and apply the labels onto the products, then the second module could be a DPM, so that the label can be peeled off and fed into the tamp pad of the print-and-apply system applicator.

You can Count on Us

We are not here to simply sell you a printer, we want to provide a solution. Starting with counseling before the purchase and helping with the installation, but also supplying your custom labels and different types of print ribbons, and going all the way to replacing worn out parts (rubber roll, bearings, printheads) and other repairs, we will always assist you.



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